The Panjeri Bakery’s Story started when I was first pregnant with my first child. I was given a mixture of seeds and nuts for the first time by my mother and mother in law called Panjeri. They told me that this mixture has been given to women in Pakistan and India for centuries. They told me that this mixture will help me heal during my post partum and also that it will help my overall health.  I just had a c section. I was anemic and weak. My legs felt lifeless when I came to my mom’s house.   I did what I was told and I immediately fell in love with it. It tasted so good!  As the days went by with me taking care of my baby, I felt the energy and my lifeless legs start getting life back into them. I was walking from one room to another with no
problem. I went to my mother in laws for the next 20 days and I remember nursing my child and felt that I had enough for him. My mother in law told me that it also increases my milk production for my baby. Since then I had three more boys and kept eating Panjeri.  I was up and about in 2 weeks and I had all c- sections. I decided when my fourth baby was born that moms need this mixture for their overall health after delivery. As I researched more about it, every ingredient in Panjeri had a benefit in it.  I made it myself and it took me a good 2 hours to make from start to finish. I noticed that not a lot of mothers or even grandmothers will have the luxury of time to make this. I decided then that I will provide it for all the moms in the community and also nationwide. My first customer was from Florida at that time and she messaged me telling me that 80% of knee pain was gone. I was so happy that this had helped someone just like it helped me. That motivated me to make more and market it and here I am 5 years later. There are so many different ways to make panjeri but mine is unique because I have made it gluten free so it’s easier on the stomach. 

Hope everyone including women, men and children benefit from my panjeri mixture. Thank you for listening to my story

What is Panjeri?
Panjeri is a nut and seeds mixture with essential vitamins and minerals.  It is usually consumed by moms after a delivery of a baby.  I would like to promote this product to everyone including men and children over 8 years old. There are different variations of this recipe all over the world to help moms after their deliveries.  The recipe that I use is from India. This product has helped not only moms who have had kids, but also helped many people with their joint pains, weakness, anemia, menstruation, and much more.  I would like to promote this product to men as well.  This product is for everyone for their overall health.  It is a natural supplement with no preservatives and also gluten free.  I would like this product to help everyone in need as it helped me thru out my life.